Azure Synapse: Microsoft's Limitless Analytics Service

Tech Falcon
Published on August 16, 2020

If you’re thinking it sounds like the next big thing, well, you’re not wrong. Microsoft decided to up the ante and enhance the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. These enhancements allow it to bridge the gap between data lakes and data warehouses.

The integration between the two has left much to be desired in the past. However, with Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft aims to create a seamless integration experience between data lakes and data warehouses – with the added advantage of further enhancing machine learning and business intelligence capabilities.

So, What Does it Offer?

According to Microsoft, Synapse Analytics will help customers use their data much more efficiently, productively, quickly, and securely by combining insights from all the data sources, warehouses, and big data analytics systems.

Moreover, this offering will enable businesses to benefit from game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics. These technologies help experts better understand the weather conditions, enable workers handle their tedious tasks better, and speed up search engines to recognize and anticipate people queries.

End-to-End Analytics Solution

Deeply integrated with Power BI and machine learning (ML), it significantly expands the discovery of insights from all your data and applies ML models to all your intelligent applications. It allows you to reduce the development time of your BI and ML projects using a limitless analytics service, and effortlessly apply intelligence over all critical data – from Office 365, Dynamics 365 to the SaaS service supporting Open Data Initiative.

A Boon to Developers

What’s more, Azure Synapse Analytics is specifically designed to support the continuously growing DevOps strategy. Here, the operations and development staff work together to create and execute services that work better throughout their life cycles.

It addresses a broader chunk of the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion, transformation, and integration all the way through self-service visualization and even collaboration by embedding Power BI reports into Microsoft Teams.

According to Microsoft, Azure Synapse Analytics will help developers gather meaningful insights from all their data in one go to eventually simplify decision-making. Instead of copying humongous terabytes of data from different enterprise storage systems, enterprises can select their own data analytics engine with the help of Azure Synapse Analytics.

Improved Security and Privacy

Azure was already among the more secure cloud platforms in the market. Essential security features, such as active data encryption and threat detection are already built into Azure Synapse. Nevertheless, for granular access control, organizations can ensure the privacy and security of their data using native row-level and column-level security.

In Conclusion

While AWS Athena, Presto and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud are providing comparable solutions, there’s no denying that Azure Synapse Analytics will hold its own and bring about noticeable changes in the developer community.

Azure Synapse is poised to help Microsoft enterprise cloud customers add massive value to their offerings; while cloud providers will be able break down silos in the toolchain to present more unified offerings, covering more of the lifecycle and maximizing value for your business.