Are Your Employees Ready for Digital Transformation?

Tech Falcon
Published on October 25, 2020

Digital readiness signifies the preparedness of the employees in a workforce to make the transition from manual work to automated and digitized workflows by incorporating new technologies and software in the existing system. Note that going through the process of digital transformation doesn't have to necessarily mean investing in new IT assets. In fact, if you have the right team, processes, and culture in place, you are already treading on the right path.

The workforce of a company is treated as the nucleus of an organization because it is the fundamental unit that influences the overall efficiency and capabilities of the business. This is why, when a company is striving towards revising its technological infrastructure, it is the people who should be thoroughly educated on the intricate points of the transition. Naturally, the swifter you are with acquainting your employees with these technologies, the easier it will be for you to explore their skills to attain large-scale digital transformation.

Challenges of Achieving Digital Transformation

In order to chalk out a resilient digital transformation policy, you will have to make sure that the potential challenges are out of your way. The plan, most importantly, must have a solid objective to follow which complies with the present business plan and can reduce the workload of the employees to a large extent. Additionally, for an organization to move on the delineated track of digital transformation, the workforce will have to be pulled out from their traditional block of approaching matters and encouraged to disseminate this change as soon as possible.

Lack of Understanding

More often than not, companies spend a lot of their precious time in explaining the purpose and the mechanism of the alteration it is going to take up. All this happens because the employers either fail to relate to the conversion or don't understand how the company is getting affected by sticking to its old-school schemes of work. Of course, once the technological changes are implemented, the pace and quality of performance will increase but a very vital point that entrepreneurs tend to overlook is that their employees will take time to make their peace with this revolution. The only way this hurdle could be pushed out of the picture is by setting up smooth channels of communication where the employees do not hesitate to put across their questions and opinions.

Unwilling to Take Risks and Challenges

Once the employees grow comfortable in their work environment, they will be reluctant to step out of that bubble and try things that they haven't before. While technology is making the tasks easier, on one hand, it is also compelling the workforce to alter their knowledge and persistently collaborate with one another to share as much knowledge as they can.

The culture of experimentation is something that cannot be injected into the organization overnight. It will take time, patience, and also a consistent supply of resources for the transformational approaches to seep through the employees' minds and convince them that is indeed a better perspective.

Absence of Tech-savvy Leaders

For the employees in a company to stick to a plan and do things differently, they must have a tech-savvy leader who can guide them efficiently and point out the areas where they are going wrong. Digital leaders shouldn't be appointed to simply fabricate strategies that would make this transformation seamless. Instead, they should focus on jotting down the reasons that elaborate on the necessities of imbibing these changes in the company at the earliest. Nevertheless, the sad truth is, as the regulating body of business also comes across these changes for the first time, they are usually clueless regarding the proper guidelines they should abide by or promote.

Digital Readiness Assessment

Digital a digital readiness assessment aims to gauge the cognitive behaviour and skills of an employee in an organization that is about to undertake a digital transformation. Tracking the tempo of the change will turn out to be a great boon for ensuring future success. Furthermore, the results of the digital readiness assessment can give you a fair idea of the digital talent gaps that exist in your company even after executing all the plans that you had for facilitating digital transformation.

How to Know if your Workforce is Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Once you are past the above-mentioned challenges, you must find out if your workforce is "ready" to function with these alterations that are heading towards a major digital transformation. Accept it or not, digitally skilled employees are indispensable for companies in UAE or anywhere in the world for that matter, regardless of their industrial domain, size, and mode of work. Although the baby boomers are doing their best to recruit candidates who are technologically sound and competent, what they do not understand is that technology can never be stagnant. The quality and methods are constantly evolving and to keep up with these fluctuations, the organizations must succumb to digital transformation policies that are trending in UAE.

Hiring new talent is vital but reskilling them from time to time eventually contributes to the organization's growth and fulfilling the aim of digital transformation. The digital readiness assessment for digital transformation in UAE is concerned with evaluating two aspects that revolve around cognitive and behavioural effectiveness. The suitability of an employee to come aboard in the journey of digital transformation UAE can be comprehended by his ability to learn things quickly. Besides, mental agility, openness to browse through areas that are completely unknown yet, fruitful and the willingness to collaborate are some of the other qualities that will be weighed by the assessment.

The digital readiness assessment for employees must be welcomed by all companies operating in today's world to flawlessly acquire their goals and deliver everything their target audience expects from them. For instance, if your company is based in UAE, to ascertain high ROI because of the digital transformation, a you must make informed decisions that are based on relevant analytics. Nonetheless, while doing so, you cannot tip-off from the trail your employees are on because that would only complicate the whole process of digital transformation. Thus, taking the digital readiness assessment before commencing with your plans of digital transformation will give you an unadulterated vista of the organization's standpoint so that the initiatives, from then on, could be navigated towards the exact directions.