Integrating Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Advantages Of Integrating Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Published on September 20, 2020

Before anything else, you must know that Power BI is a group of business analytics tools that allow businesses to effectively analyze data. Other than that, Power BI allows users to create intelligent applications that come with their own custom development features. It is essentially a platform that brings together relevant information from different sources to generate reports that will help you understand everything about your business and its objectives.
If your company already has a credible and strapping CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is now time to integrate it with Power BI to dodge the market competition and stay ahead in the game of digital transformation. Since, at the end of it all, it is sales that are responsible for expanding the inventory of resources, striving to enhance the sales process can increase the profit margins as well.

Power BI is capable of accumulating data from distinct software programs and sources even if they are not integrated. For instance, you can derive sales data from Dynamics 365 that is paired with Power BI and financial data an accounting system and combine them into a sales management system for future use.

Advantages of Using Power BI With Microsoft Dynamics 365

First things first, using Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 will surge the business intelligence competencies of your company almost immediately. Besides, you will have formidable insights into your sales team to attend the issues that are somewhat creating a backlog in productivity, fixed at the earliest. Although Dynamics 365 has native reporting capabilities of its own, bringing in another layer of reporting will accelerate the pace of operations, reduce the probabilities of inviting errors and therefore, automatically empower the sales team and ensure customer satisfaction.

Produce Real-time Reports

Integrating Power BI and Dynamics 365 will make the process of producing real-time reports and updating them as per the needs of your business incredibly easy and simple. This signifies that this real-time report generated by these business applications can be accessed and revised anytime and from anywhere.

Improve Customer Service

By bringing Power BI and Dynamics 365 tools together, your business will be able to smoothly evaluate the opinions and demands of your existing and potential customers. This will eventually prioritize the customer service base and cut down on the response time for their queries.

Personalize Dashboards

A common mistake that most organizations commit is that they delegate a shared dashboard for all their departments. But, in an ideal situation with Power Bi and Dynamics 365, this should not be the case. Collecting data from a mutual dashboard can lead to confusion, call for more labor, and most importantly, break the momentum of the team from time to time. However, by assimilating Power BI and Dynamics 365, companies can have personalized dashboards designed for different departments for them to monitor data just by browsing their specific dashboards.

Apart from this, here are a few more perks of using Power BI and Dynamics 365 together:
• Compare the different types of data submitted by all the departments to obtain the exact information necessary to prepare the customer report.
• Get a clear idea of your sales trends over a long span.
• Curate data in plausible visual formats like charts and graphs.
• Have the sales reports embedded in Dynamics 365 dashboards and other apps working within your CRM.

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