A Power BI Consultant Can Solve These Problems For You

Marketing Team
Published on November 8, 2020

If you are still wondering if your company at all needs a Power BI consultant or not, we will have to say yes! Until a few years back, the task of data collection and analysis was treated as something very lengthy and taxing and the assessment mostly revolved around their results. Nevertheless, as a result of technological disruptions, the trends have swayed towards spotting insights and identifying opportunities to use the data more constructively. This is where the role of one of the most powerful Business Intelligence tools, Power BI, from the house of Microsoft, comes into play. It has been designed to make it possible for every user, regardless of their technical abilities, to collaborate and create accurate reports and dashboards, graphs, tables, charts, etc. that could be shared with the larger community.

The fact that Power BI can turn out to be a great asset for your company, if used mindfully goes without saying. But, the catch is, amongst the wide array of features that it hosts, there only has to be a few that are relevant to your business. Power BI can increase your organization’s ROI and maximize the outcome, if only it has the right configuration and is made capable to derive data from pertinent sources.

Even though Power BI implementation is regarded as an effortless and uncomplicated process, experts suggest that a company must always look for a partner who comes with enough knowledge about how to expect, react to and alleviate data pulling challenges from distinct sources and databases to comply with your unique requirements. If you are looking for reasons, here are 5 ways in which a Power BI consultant can help your company.

Attain Flexibility And Scalability With Power BI Consultant

Firstly and most importantly, a Power BI consultant or implementation partner recommends an infinite pool of resources that your company can capitalize on from time to time. The consultant thoroughly examines the current state of the organization and its future goals and accordingly, curates a list of resources that will be made available to the latter on demand to scale up or down. This automatically spares the clients from spending days to skim through the resources at their disposal and fabricate strategies to utilize them and instead, focus on the more challenging aspects that inevitably demand human labor.

Relates To the Needs Of Your Company

If your competitor has succeeded by treading on a particular path with Power BI, it doesn’t necessarily mean that by sticking to the same set of approaches, you too will achieve your end. In fact, sometimes, the technological plans that worked for your business even one or two years back might be obsolete now, and make things worse. However, with an experienced Power BI consultant in the picture, you can rest assured that the implementation wouldn't go wrong. Because they come with comprehensive domain knowledge and can decode the issues that could be holding a company back, integrating the present business essentials of the clients with their data sources is done seamlessly and in the least amount of time. Apart from improving the overall user experience and ensuring that the company is on the right track in terms of data collection and investigation, it also allows them to try their hands at analytics and reporting and be as accurate as possible with them.

Simplifies Integration With Other Applications

A Power BI consultant is capable of doing much more than just simply implementing the tool with the correct configuration. From suggesting valuable add-ons to delineating the right ways to go about their integration, the Power BI consultant takes care of it all. For instance, if you are looking forward to attaining uniformity across the reports and dashboards generated by Power BI for your business that can be done through cloud solutions. The consultant can abet in integrating several visualization tools that would make the grids and display easy to understand and provide recyclable models to be altered or updated anytime and from anywhere.

Simplifies Decision-Making

The chief objective of implementing Power BI in an organization is to make the process of decision making easier and more accurate. While the end results are not always predictable, some level of clarity derived from the past projects and those that are in progress can be a dependable compass for the organization. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to have a Power BI consultant guiding your team during and after the implementation of the tool. By recommending powerful tools and solutions, the consultants furnish their clients with easy access to the interactive interface of the applications.

A Power BI Consultant Can Improve Security Standards

Microsoft Power BI is fortified with the strapping Row-level security that restricts the access of the tool by confirming the functions of the filters. The consultation services can help you take the wand of control in your hands and decide which of your team members can be permitted to use it and for how long. For instance, on selecting the “content pack” feature of Power BI, you can even constrict the modification of the visuals on the reports and dashboards.

As we have already mentioned before, you can update or alter the data on the real-time reports of Power BI anytime you want. But, authorizing everyone in your organization to the same can lead to data manipulation. Thus, having a domain expert to fall back upon for the security factors will indeed be more feasible and make sure that your enterprise is using a protected BI solution.