A Call For Small And Medium-Scale Businesses To Reserve the Top Spots In the Market

Marketing Team
Published on March 28, 2021

Robust business applications and process automation tools are something that has always been associated with the biggies of the industry. As for the small and medium-scale businesses on the other hand, upgrading to a more effective system of ERP and CRM software systems are often postponed until their “growth”. But the question here is, how would you know that your company has “grown” enough to reap benefits of these advanced technologies?

The digital landscape of the 21st century is changing almost every day. Take a look around and you will come across an interesting digital tool or solution that you couldn’t quite think of even yesterday. The multi-national enterprises that set aside a fairly large budget for incorporating these advancements as and when they are rolled out obviously enjoy the upper hand in the market. Moreover, customers today have innumerable options to choose from. It is often the personalization of services more than brand loyalty that influences their decisions. Therefore, in order to compete with these large companies and operate from the frontline of the market, it is time for SMBs to buckle up and implement digital solutions that are tailored especially for them with the similar capabilities embedded in enterprise CRMs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central For SMBs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based, comprehensive platform designed for small and medium-scale businesses to connect all the important areas such as sales, finance, services and operations and deliver and faster and better results. Apart from improving automation and the overall operational efficiency, Business Central can help you work faster and better and adapt changes faster. In fact, the features of tools like Power BI, Crotana Intelligence, PowerApps, Flow and many more are combined in Dynamics 365 Business Central for automating and streamlining workflows and rendering a seamless experience.

Why Should You Replace Your Old System With Dynamics 365 Business Central?

There are several drawbacks of holding on to legacy systems that your company has clearly outgrown. From informational silos, disconnected applications, and limited storage to complex processes, low productivity and serious security concerns, the list is endless. The truth is, all these challenges can be tackled if you have a scalable and agile software system to design and implement your business models and workflows on. Standalone systems could hinder the momentum of your business if not replaced at the right time. Switching between applications, sharing data reports with users and waiting for hours to update their responses on the spreadsheets, data overlapping and duplication and maintaining security and governance compliance is indeed time-consuming and overwhelming.

This is when an all-in-one platform like the Dynamics 365 Business Central should be introduced in the picture. The core capabilities of supply chain management, operations management, reporting and analytics and sales and service management are integrated on a single platform. This implies, the users in your organization can get access to data whenever they need and update the changes made in real-time so that the others can track them and create error-free reports.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central For SMBs

Seamless Collaboration

Integrate the important components of your business and breakdown prevailing silos to seamlessly collaborate with your customers, employees and operations and share information. Having all your data at a single point of truth would make it easier to work with the information you are looking for at that very moment. Furthermore, with a platform like this, you can have a 360-degree view of your services and demarcate the areas that need improvement. Boost sales through better demand forecasting and predictive analytics, real-time performance metrics while fostering security across subsidiaries.

Overcome the Limitations Of Time And Place

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows its users to work on the platform from anywhere and at anytime. You can update the latest shreds of data on customized dashboards and fabricate decisions that are only based on reliable and current consumer information. Improve the quality of informational insights via flexible KPIs and dashboards designed according the unique needs of a particular project.

Limitless Scalability

As Business Central is a cloud-based tool, you can bid your woes of limited storage and scalability goodbye. This tool will grow at the same pace as your business and provide enough opportunities to fit in changes as soon as they pop up without any additional charges or configuration. Moreover, Business Central can be integrated with your existing applications thereby, indicating that you can migrate to cloud without losing on vital files and data.