Microsoft Power Automate for boosting productivity

Microsoft Power Automate Can Boost the Productivity Of Your Company

Marketing Team
Published on September 24, 2020

Microsoft Power Automate, or what was previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a program that is essentially aimed at making our everyday tasks associated with the creation and automated workflows incredibly easy and hassle-free. Considering the range of functionalities under the hood of Power Automate, the slogan, "Take care of what is important, automate the rest" by Microsoft, seems an appropriate description.

Businesses today, have a lot on their plates to be taken care of. Having said so, it isn't very difficult for us to assume that their primary objective is to save time and resources. In such a scenario, depending on Microsoft Power Automate for business can turn things in your favor. All you will have to do on your part is to outline the workflow for the program and feed in instructions regarding its response to a certain situation and it will take care of the rest.

With the workflows at your aid, you can automatically notify yourself about an upcoming task or event, save data in pre-determined folders, synchronize data with existing libraries, or even accelerate approval processes. That's not all - by integrating Power Automate for business with other Microsoft programs like Dynamics 365, or third-party providers like Google Drive, Twitter, or Dropbox, you can simplify your assignments and get done with them in the blink of an eye! To help you understand better, we will take you through five ways in which Microsoft Power Automate can boost the efficaciousness of your business and improve the quality of its operations.

Share and access business data anytime and from anywhere with Power Automate

As evident from the name of the program itself, you can automatically share files and documents anytime and from anywhere you want. You will only have to ensure that the applications that are meant to share the information are connected to Power Automate and there is a flow to copy data from one location to the other through one of its numerous data source connections. This arrangement, in a way, breaks down the age-old barriers of communication and allows your easy access to the data you transported.

Power Automate makes meeting tight deadlines easier

One of the biggest challenges that most enterprises face these days is concerned with their failure of harmonizing all their activities and consequently, exceeding deadlines. For instance, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that your company's mailboxes are flooded with thousands of messages each day. Acknowledging every one of them and filtering would inevitably require some time but, there are some that call for immediate action. Trying to filter the emails manually is bound to take up more than a day and losing out precious time is not something any company can afford, regardless of its size and reach. By falling back on Microsoft Power Automate, you can fashion templates that will notify your employees handling this department whenever the inbox receives a high priority email.

Power Automate improves efficiency

Understandably, when the workforce of a company is assigned with more duties than what it was initially briefed, the productivity level is bound to hit the rocks. Microsoft Power Automate for business can take the burden off your employees' shoulders and encourage them to become smart workers instead of the traditional, dissatisfied hard workers. Rendering workers with strategies to complete a task faster and with greater levels of precision is at the core of improving the overall health and performance of a company.

Quick automation with Power Automate

If you are not banking on a credible automation system, chances are, your efforts to put things together and make it work will not bear any profitable results. Microsoft Power Automate tool is a cloud-based tool that will push everyone in the organization to ditch their old-school approaches and outline secure workflows even with no-code experience. It just takes a single click to have the workflow up and running. Automating elaborate and excruciating assignments with pre-assembled abilities of artificial intelligence embedded in Power Automate will motivate the team to sign up for more demanding yet, exciting consignments.

Collaborate on a single platform of Power Automate

For the uninitiated, Power Automate is capable of collaborating with Common Data Model (CDM) which can be employed for storing, monitoring, and managing different business entities. The companies involved, in turn, can build distinct workflows to gather data from varied sources and store it in CDM to make it available for anyone looking for it.

Microsoft Power Automate as an RPA 

RPA or robotic process automation is categorized as an enterprise process automation. Fundamentally, it is controlled by bots and AI workers and is expected to make monotonous tasks easier and effortless. The good news is, Power Automate comes with its own RPA attributes called UI flow. Although this point-to-point operation is very basic, it still requires some coding skills. It is the RPA that transforms the manual functions into smooth, automated workflows.

The transition of Power Automate is carried out by human-driven communication and backed by software that cannot decode API automation. Nonetheless, Microsoft has made it clear that for Power Automate it currently hosts an end-to-end process automation platform that comprises of service connectors and applications which support API automation.

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