5 Reasons Why Power BI Is the Best Business Intelligence Solution

Marketing Team
Published on October 4, 2020

Gone are those days when the one-size-fits-all policy worked for almost all the businesses hailing from the same industry. However, taking into account the ever-increasing competition, the most rational way to deal with the market challenges and complications would be by designing unique strategies and marketing approaches with a credible business intelligence solution like Power BI.

The varying needs, preferences, and budgets of the customers influence every facet of a business. This implies that in any given business, their systems produce data that can go up to the size of terabytes, petabytes, or even exabytes. Companies thoroughly analyze these pieces of data and fabricate decisions which, in turn, determine their credibility and competence. For the uninitiated, the process of sorting data and creating actionable decisions is called Business Intelligence.

Why Power BI?

Needless to say, Power BI is not the only Business Intelligence tool available to companies. But the question is when an organization has innumerable alternatives to choose from, why should it settle for Power BI only? A cloud-based business intelligence solution from the house Microsoft, Power BI allows companies to filter and transform data into something meaningful and usable. It is regarded as one of those go-to platforms that provide a detailed insight into business analytics and makes the execution of BI solutions incredibly easy and straightforward.

Here are 5 other reasons that explain why Power BI is the best business intelligence solution that has ever existed.

Power BI Can Be Used by Anyone

The biggest advantage of turning to Power BI is the fact that it can be used by anyone, regardless of their proficiency with coding and technology. The insights on the platform will be available in an unfussy setting with different dashboards meant for services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics.

What's even more interesting here is that the best business intelligence solution, that is, Power BI has been developed on the foundation of Microsoft Excel - something that everyone is familiar with, and follows a similar pattern while putting reports together. The data modeling pattern is based on Microsoft Access Database and Microsoft SQL server, which again, are widely accepted amongst users and programmers across the world.

Power BI Provides Real-Time Data

As soon as any new piece of information flows into the dashboards they are updated in real-time. This helps the users in keeping track of the changing trends and eases their attempts of identifying problems and solving them quickly. The reports on the dashboards can be updated or altered anytime and from anywhere through real-time data and visuals. The sources of collecting data could be anything that works with time-sensitive data such as social media, factory sensors, and the like.

Power BI Makes Collaboration Easy

Collaborating with other users of Power BI in the same workspace doesn't call for much of an effort. If required, the primary user can integrate the dashboards of the Power BI users and reports into apps and move on to publishing them for the larger audience to have access to. In an ideal scenario, the user can get the report printed and published in a PowerPoint presentation. Additionally, these reports and insights presented by Power BI that make the company look good can be even published on public websites for the world to see. One must bear in mind that this doesn't have to necessarily be the recourse; as far as sharing the reports and data with a small group of viewers is concerned, it can be done over the mobile application via Power BI.

Power BI Facilitates Cortana Integration

To enhance the convenience of the users, Power BI makes its integration with Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana possible. If capitalized on wisely, this feature can save a lot of your company's precious time and render you with business analytics that is more subjective and accurate. The users can ask questions or give commands to Cortana in natural language to the charts and graphs they are on the lookout for. This signifies that it is not obligatory for your workforce to have a huge tech setup at their disposal to work with Power BI - something as simple as a smartphone would be enough to continue with the work plan.

Power BI is a Powerful Tool for Data Shaping, Data Modeling, and Visualization

  • Data shaping- The Query Editor under the hood of Power BI is a powerful tool that comprises of numerous features out of which, its self-documenting attribute deserves special mention.
  • Data modeling- The data modeling of Power BI is based on some of the core characteristics of Cube technology and the SQL database.
  • Visualization- The SDK of Power BI is a huge inventory for custom visualization where users can personalize the UI corresponding to their requirements.

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